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ServQ Alliance

Strategic Cost Management

Strategic Finance and cost control systems are fundamental tasks for every company. Our many years of experience in all areas of strategic and cost management make us a partner you can trust.


Team members have UK and international experience in planning, option appraisal, review of risks and opportunities. The leadership team is particularly skilled at detailed cost models and 'true costing' based on full spectrum analysis (i.e. including all the relevant costs based on resource consumption and activity, including time cost and capacity planning). The Alliance has a strong international network covering these areas.

Our services at a glance:

  • Developing efficient cost management systems
  • Market driven Target Costing
  • Results planning
  • Cost and activity management
  • Internal and external reporting
  • Revenue optimisation

Your contact partner:

Andrew Crossley for market driven and activity costing

Ken Thompson for cost simulations, benchmarking and option appraisal

 Clients' Views

'You have enabled us to articulate and communicate strategic direction throughout the whole organisation.'


'Your flair, creative approach, excellent relationships and methodology helped build capacity, develop behaviours and skills that had a lasting impact.  This enabled us to prepare for and manage a period of considerable change and transformation.'


'We are delighted with the impact you have had in transforming individuals and teams enabling them to deliver high performance outcomes.'


Thanks for the good work'


'This has been truly transformational.  It has helped us look beyond roles to the complex, uncertain and ethical dilemmas of working in a very different way.  It gave us the time, space and challenge to grow ideas and deliver change in my and my team's practice.'


'Superb work - many thanks'


'You clearly understand the dynamics and have a lot to offer the.....initiative over the years ahead'


'(EU) outputs fully met the needs of the programme, the quality was very good'


'A focused and dedicated team of senior practitioners, researchers and industry leaders delivered work packages at the right time and quality'


'Very professional, well prepared and clear understanding of our expectations, very responsive to late change requests and programme revisions. Excellent pre and post sales'


'Both programmes have exceeded our expectations and attained high levels of adoption'

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