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Public Sector Cases

Joint Bidding Guide for Wales

Result - An awarding winning approach to getting SMEs more public sector work


The ServQ Alliance carried out desk and field research on collaborative bidding for small businesses, cooperatives and third sector organisations to access large public sector contracts. The consulting team then prepared the best practice Handbook for Joint Bidding for the Welsh Government. The original project was funded by the Welsh Government, the Wales Co-operative Centre and the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA). This was followed up with a series of demonstration projects which have been written up and presented internationally - see for more information.

Putting Citizens at the Centre of Business Delivery

Integrating services for citizens

Result - Clear benefits to clients from easier, integrated operations: integrated service leadership, shared understanding of purpose, approach, role and service delivery

A deprived English Council area needed leaders and teams of separate services (Children's Services, Health, Housing, Police, Youth Justice, Voluntary Groups) to work together to deliver family-centred services.


We designed and delivered a transformation programme involving: personal/team motivation development and culture change; coaching in change management; strategy formulation labs; outcome/client-focused change initiatives.

National Scale Asset Management Planning

Assessing risks workshop

Result - A national review of asset and risk management 

Working with the University of Leeds, the team helped develop a new value and risk based asset planning process for a multi-year, £4,000m government agency programme which required a more robust analysis and high quality asset investment approach.

Building Senior Leadership Capability and Raising Impact

Three phase process of leadership development

Result: "World-class" thinking as leaders, clear about vision and strategic focus."

This national agency had increased the size of its leadership team; now it needed to build clarity and capability – especially over vision, strategy and their impact in a complex field where influence was key. We reviewed leaders' development needs; targeted executive coaching and team-building; enabled personal and team clarity around future roles and impact, raising the influence of the Board 

Collaboration to save support costs for ten UK councils

Result - 10 local councils working together to make major savings

Groundbreaking collaboration between ten UK Councils targeting £200+m savings on support budgets. The solution involved merging a range of support services to maintain a critical mass of talent and retain a high quality of service. By using a combination of partnering with senior management and collating then harmonizing a wide range of performance and cost data, a series of challenging but achievable savings were identified. A five year integration journey started in 2011/12.

Collaboration Case Study
Delivering the Collaboration Premium in [...]
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Improving SME profitability working on an RDA programme

Andrew Crossley explaining costing

Result - Simplified Cost and profit analysis for high growth SMEs

A former RDA sponsored the ServQ Alliance to develop a new technique called Rapid Build Activity Based Costing. The team worked with 10 SMEs to assess their true cost to service their customers, covering  key accounts through to brand new accounts. As part of the programme each SME understood its true cost base, core processes and how it could improve profitability by customer segment, based on relevant activity.

Building High Performance Executives: a large UK City Council

Using our 'intelligent business' model in coaching

Result: new, high performance team focused on quality; 2 new businesses spun-off; establishments costs reduced by 70%

The programme executives had differing priorities, experience, focus and confidence. The Council required a single, committed team, assuring high quality delivery. Using our processes, they built shared understanding about quality; analysed and drew judgements; built commitment and confidence in a new role and created the key operational components of the new role (data collection, analysis and reporting systems; fail-safe communication; quality measures and exemplification; internal procedures).

 Clients' Views

'You have enabled us to articulate and communicate strategic direction throughout the whole organisation.'


'Your flair, creative approach, excellent relationships and methodology helped build capacity, develop behaviours and skills that had a lasting impact.  This enabled us to prepare for and manage a period of considerable change and transformation.'


'We are delighted with the impact you have had in transforming individuals and teams enabling them to deliver high performance outcomes.'


Thanks for the good work'


'This has been truly transformational.  It has helped us look beyond roles to the complex, uncertain and ethical dilemmas of working in a very different way.  It gave us the time, space and challenge to grow ideas and deliver change in my and my team's practice.'


'Superb work - many thanks'


'You clearly understand the dynamics and have a lot to offer the.....initiative over the years ahead'


'(EU) outputs fully met the needs of the programme, the quality was very good'


'A focused and dedicated team of senior practitioners, researchers and industry leaders delivered work packages at the right time and quality'


'Very professional, well prepared and clear understanding of our expectations, very responsive to late change requests and programme revisions. Excellent pre and post sales'


'Both programmes have exceeded our expectations and attained high levels of adoption'

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