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We have a small sample of papers, case studies, articles and books prepared by our Alliance members. We have listed them by sub-topic for ease of access.

Transformational Thinking in the Context of Social Enterprises by Mark Fowler
Some observations on transformational thinking in the context of social enterprises. Reproduction of a recent article by Mark Fowler.
Transformational Thinking and Social Ent[...]
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Business Tool Development

The Seven Secrets of Sales Performance Optimization
Best practices in building high quality sales force simulators written for an Indian Business Journal - The Effective Executive. Ken has designed such a system for a top 4 services firm.
EffectiveExecutive_May_2011 - SalesOptim[...]
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Create Your Own Business Simulation Lab to Drill Your Teams in Better Decision Making
This article explores how teams learn and stresses the importance of business simulation as a vital tool to improve organizational decision-making capabilities. It also outlines a clear business-dr
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Ken worked with us on a significant client-focused project. He worked diligently and creatively, offering more than we had expected and responding flexibly to changing client demands. He has enormous and varied expertise and some fascinating insights into team activity through his work on bio-teams and swarms.'

Powerhouse Partners by Stephen M Dent and James Krefft

Available from Amazon

For any manager or executive committed to achieving their business goals through successful strategic partnership, Powerhouse Partners culls from the successes of some of the world's leading companies (and the authors' clients) - Bank of America, NASA, USWest - to deliver a best-practices toolkit that includes cultural components to create organizational powerhouses that pave the way for people to be successful and accomplish their missions.


Partnering Intelligence laid the groundwork for the individual, followed by The Partnering Intelligence Fieldbook, which focused on how groups of people improve their ability to excel in working together. Now Powerhouse Partners provides the rationale and blueprint for why leaders must start to build a culture that can give their organizations a competitive advantage by using their partnering intelligence.


Download the support presentation on Powerhouse Partners from the Systems and Tools section of this website.

Partnering Intelligence 2nd Edition by Stephen M Dent

Available from Amazon

Since the publication of the breakthrough first edition of Partnering Intelligence, thousands of organizations have increased their "partnering intelligence" (PQ). This updated edition adds examples for making benchmark comparisons and an award-winning case study of Bank of America and Exult, Inc., to show the process in action. Other new features in this second edition include the Win-Win Orientation Assessment, statistical information on the PQ Assessment, updated case studies, PQ profiles of teams and organizations, and Foreword.


This updated roadmap is for anyone who uses strategic partnerships to achieve business goals and who wants to develop the internal and external partnering capabilities of executive teams, managers, and employees. The Partnering Quotient Assessment, Six Partnering Attributes, and Partnering Continuum model form an integrated system to build partnering capabilities. It's leading the shift from "me" to "we," from looking out for number one, to working for mutual benefit and results for both self and partner.

Executive Book Summary of Partnering Intelligence
Summary of the first edition of the book Partnering Intelligence to give an overview of the processes and terminology. The 2nd edition is updated with more case studies and is an excellent read.
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 Clients' Views

'You have enabled us to articulate and communicate strategic direction throughout the whole organisation.'


'Your flair, creative approach, excellent relationships and methodology helped build capacity, develop behaviours and skills that had a lasting impact.  This enabled us to prepare for and manage a period of considerable change and transformation.'


'We are delighted with the impact you have had in transforming individuals and teams enabling them to deliver high performance outcomes.'


Thanks for the good work'


'This has been truly transformational.  It has helped us look beyond roles to the complex, uncertain and ethical dilemmas of working in a very different way.  It gave us the time, space and challenge to grow ideas and deliver change in my and my team's practice.'


'Superb work - many thanks'


'You clearly understand the dynamics and have a lot to offer the.....initiative over the years ahead'


'(EU) outputs fully met the needs of the programme, the quality was very good'


'A focused and dedicated team of senior practitioners, researchers and industry leaders delivered work packages at the right time and quality'


'Very professional, well prepared and clear understanding of our expectations, very responsive to late change requests and programme revisions. Excellent pre and post sales'


'Both programmes have exceeded our expectations and attained high levels of adoption'

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