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Strategic Advisors

The Alliance Leadership team works with a a group of leading advisors. They contribute to our planning, systems, processes, publications, reports and major programmes.

Dr Steven Male - Consulting Advisor


Steven is a leading EU expert on asset and value management. He has worked on major value management, transformation projects and national frameworks impacting many £ billions. Steven has written reference books and major reports on collaboration, procurement and value management. He has led studies for UK Government bodies such as the Environment Agency and the Office of Government commerce as well as the World Bank. He teaches Value Management internationally to asset owners, managers, designers, contractors, service firms and is a Visting Fellow of the University of Bristol.


Stephen M Dent from Partnership Continuum Inc.


Stephen is considered to be one of the top 5 international experts on partnering and alliances. He developed the Partnership Continuum and tens of thousands of leaders and their people have used this game changing approach. He regulalry speaks about partnering and improving performance by improving behaviours. His approach is summarised in his quote 'businesses do not partner - people do'. The Alliance is his EU representative firm and we use his on-line analysis techniques, workbooks and programme methodologies to deliver transformed thinking and results.


Ian Watson Co Founder and former Chairman of ServQ Limited


Ian is highly experienced in cost, process management and partnering. He  has extensive knowledge of the engineering, environmental and energy sectors having led major businesses within multi-national consutling groups. Ian has an outstanding track record working at the interface between SMEs and large clients. He is a former advisor to the Princes Trust in the South East. Ian has an excellent understanding of the pressures and challenges in growing SMEs with related experience of inward investment and high end technology transfer.


Sheila Crossley - Company Secretary and Finance Director


Sheila is a Director and the Company Secretary of ASC Management Limited. Sheila has degrees in Industrial Technology and Operational Research. She is a qualified accountant with experience in major chemical companies and senior management in public sector finance.

 Clients' Views

'You have enabled us to articulate and communicate strategic direction throughout the whole organisation.'


'Your flair, creative approach, excellent relationships and methodology helped build capacity, develop behaviours and skills that had a lasting impact.  This enabled us to prepare for and manage a period of considerable change and transformation.'


'We are delighted with the impact you have had in transforming individuals and teams enabling them to deliver high performance outcomes.'


Thanks for the good work'


'This has been truly transformational.  It has helped us look beyond roles to the complex, uncertain and ethical dilemmas of working in a very different way.  It gave us the time, space and challenge to grow ideas and deliver change in my and my team's practice.'


'Superb work - many thanks'


'You clearly understand the dynamics and have a lot to offer the.....initiative over the years ahead'


'(EU) outputs fully met the needs of the programme, the quality was very good'


'A focused and dedicated team of senior practitioners, researchers and industry leaders delivered work packages at the right time and quality'


'Very professional, well prepared and clear understanding of our expectations, very responsive to late change requests and programme revisions. Excellent pre and post sales'


'Both programmes have exceeded our expectations and attained high levels of adoption'

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