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January 2023 - Since early 2021, Andrew has been researching the optimum approaches to increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the finance function in both government departments, the public sector and industry for the University of Bristol on behalf of CAM-I. The project is due to wrap up in January.

October 2022 - Andrew Crossley recently presented a talk on Managing Small and Micro Businesses to the meeting of CAM-I members in Washington, in person. Andrew was delighted to be able to attend the meeting after the years of 'lock down' and now that the USA was open to visitors. The President of CAM-I wrote to Andrew after the meeting to say how the talk was well received by the member organisations.

October 2021 - Andrew Crossley has been retained as the Chief Examiner of the Institute of Asset Management.

February 2021 -  In collaboration with the Univerity of Bristol, Andrew Crossley has been working with members of the Consortium for Advanced Management - International ( for 3 years. Andrew has been working with a team of senior public and private sector managers exploring the area of major programme cost control and performance management improvement. This 'interest group' has special emphasis on major government procurements. 

January 2020 - The ServQ Alliance successfully passed its annual ISO 9001/14001 surveillance audit for the BAB.

June 2019 - As the final part of the acquisiton of the ServQ Limited business by ASC Management Ltd started in 2017, we formally closed down the ServQ Limited business to save administration and unify our brands under the ServQ Alliance banner.

December 2018 - Andrew Crossley was invited to replay his Pro-VE18 talk on Collaborative Neworks and the Five Regions of the Future at the UK HQ of a major international bank.

November 2018 - Working via the University of Bristol, Andrew Crossley has been contributing to a new project on Pedagogy for the UK Government's Digital Built Britain Initiative. The project was led by a team from the University of Liverpool and Salford University who will be preparing a report for publication in the early spring of 2019.

November 2018 - Andrew Crossley was given a special award for his contributions to the Institute of Asset Management's professional exam development at the IAM's annual dinner in London at the end of November.

September 2018 - Andrew Crossley has written a paper that he will present at PRO-VE  2018 in Cardiff. The paper is on 'Collaborative Networks and the Five Regions of the Future' and examines the currency of Joel Barker and Scott Erickson's 2005 Book. The paper will be published in the conference proceedings by Springer.

August 2018 - The Alliance's lead firm ASC Management Ltd. has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Andrew Crossley led the planning and implementation of the system updates and internal audits. BAB completed the external audit in July 2018. Andrew said "This was a major programme to ensure we are fully engaged with the latest quality and environment standards in all our work and a professional endorsement of our commitment to Client values."

July 2018 - The work of the new Joint Bidding Guide was completed and the Client is looking at the hosting location. We will update you as soon as we know where it will reside - along with models.

June 2017 -  The ServQ Alliance has joined forces with our Project Management partner ASC Management. We have worked together since 2006 when ASCM was formed. ASCM manages our ISO certifications - 9001 for quality and 14001 for environment. ASCM hosted our annual ISO surveillance audit in June 2017 and passed with flying colours making this our eight year in succession. As a result of these corporate changes our correspondence address will move and ASC Management Limited will become the primary contracting partner and lead the alliance on all current and future projects. We would like to thank all of ServQ's Limited's Clients, partners, officers and suppliers for 16 years of outstanding work and look forward to working with many of them in future programmes.

Transforming thinking; transforming results

  • We are a ground-breaking alliance of people with an EXTRAORDINARY BREADTH OF EXPERIENCE in small and large organizations.
  • Our alliance has a unique, comprehensive and INTEGRATED SET OF TRANSFORMATIONAL SKILLS, tools, experience and expertise.
  • We provide RICH, RAPID INTELLIGENCE AND INSIGHTS beyond the scope of most teams.
  • We tailor-make a seamless process to SUPERCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS.
  • We design the process to LEAVE A LEGACY OF CAPABILITY.
  • We FUTURE-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS, enabling you to do it next time.

What makes us different?

Andrew Crossley spoke about collaboration at Pro VE

The way many individuals, teams and organizations think determines the way they operate. It can hold them back, even as the world around them changes. This slows up the pace you need to drive value and performance leaving your future vulnerable to growth and success. We change not just the operations and outcomes, but the thinking behind it - a legacy for the future.

Ken Thompson at NASA

Our people are experts in the hard and soft skills needed for effective transformation. On a practical level we are sometimes asked to become embedded in a senior management team, often as CEO, Finance or Marketing leaders for periods typically 3 months to more than a year. In any such secondment we aim to leave a positive legacy. On a project level our people act as trusted advisors to senior management to help them deliver positive change and outcomes.

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